Liberal Asshole

Ever since I really started to follow politics, sometime in high school, I’ve been known as a Liberal Asshole. Now when I say that I don’t mean that I’m hippy, or a tree hugger, or some extremist that takes PCness to a whole other level. It just means that I will argue a liberal point of view to I’m blue in the face, even if I’m talking to someone that couldn’t care less about what I was saying and I absolutely love making fun of Republicans (I do, however, have a lot of Republican friends). I’ve been desribered as an “LibA” by my stepmother and she says my father is the same way. I’ll argue with anyone over anything political and I don’t care what the forum is, if you say something believe that I will tell you about yourself, why you’re wrong, and more than likely that you’re stupid.

I used to think that my father and I may be the only LibA’s in the US. That’s probably because we lived in a very poor neighborhood with a lot of rednecks who think being an uber conservitive, right wing, gun nut is like magic and only they can perform it. Not to mention all the heat I took in school (very conservative Christian) for being liberal. Maybe I was the only one that took the gospel to heart, maybe I’m just a masochist. 

Don’t believe me to be a person to be gratified by pain? After high school the next journey I took in life was joining the military. Trust me, being a liberal in the military is like letting people slam your face into a brick wall and when their done continuing to do it on your own. I got asked a lot what I was doing there. Well, I also believe in fighting for what I stand for and that’s the constitution and the freedom to believe as I wish. I did, however, find some like-minded souls serving with me and they are also the definition of Liberal Asshole. All of us voicing our very left opinions loudly and often. 

So why am I a self professed LibA? Well other than the arguing my point loudly, and at times obscenely, I have a firm belief that if you are considered lower-middle class or poor and you vote Republican than you’re either stupid or not paying attention. 

Most right-wingers in this status class are, in my opinion, single issue voters. They vote republican simply because a candidate claims to believe in God or because they are pro-life. I think this is ridiculous first of all because God gave us all free will and it definitely shouldn’t be up to a man to decide how or what a woman does with her body. I’ve heard right-wingers claim they vote that way because “someone has to pay for welfare.” How ridiculous! I know some people abuse the system and there should be policy put in place to rectify that, but some people actually need the welfare system in place and thank God it is when they need help. Some of those people are republicans!

Some people vote “right” because they’re scared they’re going to lose their second amendment rights! Well, let me be the first to tell you, that notion is insane and here’s why: first, the House of Represenatives would have to come together with Congress (that being quite the feat in its self) and draft an Amendment to the Constitution and they would have to approve it with a two-thirds majority vote. Second, if approved by both Houses of Congress the proposal would be sent to the states for ratification where they would need three-fourths of the state legislators to approve it. Which means all 50 states would have to be in near universal agreement. So every time you hear a politician say something in regards to your gun rights you can rest easy knowing that it can’t happen and that more than likely they’re just trying to drive up gun sales. Don’t believe me? Just look at how much gun and ammo sales went up every time Obama mentioned the words guns, or second amendment, or loopholes, restricting guns, background checks, etc. Well, they went from about 7 million sold in 2002 to around 15 million sold in 2013. Turns out, President Obama is the best gun salesman in the nation.

Consider this as well: I own guns, I believe in a strong military (although some military spending could be cut) because the military industrial complex is one of the things that helps our nation thrive, and to top it all off I’m a Christian, because I believe being Christian and Republican are not mutually exclusive. In fact I believe religion has absolutely no place in politics. I also believe that Jesus was a liberal, and if you read the gospels, a bit of a liberal asshole at times, if I dare say so myself.

Believe me when I tell you this: Most Republicans, especially the ones in office, are rich, white jerks who are only out to make themselves richer and could care less about you and your “poor people problems.” They only pander to you to get your vote, to get their way, and to make you believe that you matter. Republicans are supposed to work for us, but when’s the last time one worked for you?

So call me a liberal asshole, I don’t mind! Maybe I’ll eventually get through to you and help you to see past the crap they feed you on a daily basis. I’d much rather be called that than a Bible thumping, racist redneck to damn stupid to see what’s in front of me. So, I’ll go ahead and leave this here, you take from it what you like and if you want to chat then let’s do so. Remember this though, even if you’re right, you’re wrong. At least in my opinion.


5 thoughts on “Liberal Asshole

  1. People always think that the president can make an law at his whim. They seem to forget the whole “checks and balances.” Also, I’d like to point out the Patriot Act Bush and Congress signed off on is a violation of the first amendment but no one bats an eye of that.

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    • That’s the main problem with some of lower class society, mainly among the former generation, is that they believe every falsehood that has to do with them losing something. I don’t if it’s because they’re uneducated or if they’re just stuck to a certain set of ideals. And yes, I agree about the Patriot Act, 😳but if you don’t have anything to hide you don’t have anything to worry about😳


  2. Hi,I would like to start by saying I believe in God but I am a far cry from what you would call a bible thumper. On the other hand I am what most would consider a Redneck “although I prefer Appalachian American” but I am not racist. However I admit that I am a bit prejudice from time to time because we all are whether you like it or not, anyone who gives a damn about politics is in some way,shape or form prejudice. Anyone that claims that they aren’t is a bold faced lier! An I’ll say it right to their face, swear to god I will. Witch brings me to the point I’d like to get across,politicians are bold faced liers you can’t trust anything they say. Everything you see about politics in the news and in the media has been “Edited” if you will, to make you feel a certain way or believe a certain way. It’s all a big magic show with slide of hand, while your watching the left hand the right hand is stuffing the rabbit down in the hat.

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    • Hi, I do agree with you about politicians in general being bold face liars and that the media will twist the situation or story however they need to make it fit whatever scenario they need it to. However, it doesn’t change the fact that I identify much more with the liberal agenda and the way the country “runs” when Democrats hold the majority. I would like to point out that this post is not intended to categorize all Republicans, although it may seem that way. I’m directing my frustration at “single-issue voters” who really have no business calling themselves Republicans. Yet they continue to vote in this manner and blindly support and defend a narcissistic monster as they watch “their party” crumble before their eyes and that is in no way how a person, especially a Christian person, should conduct themselves. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, I hope to hear from you in the future.


  3. You sir are not far from the truth. Many believe that the POTUS can do whatever they so choose, not the case. While being “far right” I can say that yes, we do need to cut our military spending as well. While the only thing I disagree with is that we are not all white rich people much like not Liberals are all the minority or uneducated. Though we may have different opinions politically I think we can agree that we all need to pray for unity in our country and guidance for our leaders, Democrat or Republican. Have a good day

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