The Glass is Half…?

WOW….what in the hell is going on? Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States. I woke up this morning…broken, to say the least! I drove around this morning just trying to find a way to attempt to begin to wrap my brain around it.

Then I got this meme from a Trump supporter and one of my best friends. I laughed because it’s funny in that hopelessly depressing sort of way. Although I laughed it still wasn’t do much for the impending doom/the end of the world is upon us mood that I was in. I started calling family member and fellow liberals to bitch about the fact that our backwards ass country voted in this racist, this bigot, this fool to the arguably the most important job in the free world. While talking to a family member I was urged to watch Trump’s acceptance speech, which I was actively avoiding because I wasn’t trying to hear the same shit I’ve been hearing for two years.

Reluctantly I watched the whole video before passing judgement on what he said. Um…first, is this even the same man that has been campaigning the last two years? Now, you can say whatever you want about the campaign trail being tough and doing what you have to do to win and all that, but I’m calling bullshit. Bernie didn’t run smear campaigns, but maybe that’s why he lost. 

The man I saw today, talking about the debt of gratitude we owe Hillary for her service, how we’re going to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, how he would like for all of us to come together to help him accomplish his goals, how we are going to help ourselves and then others, and how we are going to be peaceful with those who wish for peace. 

😳 I was SHOCKED!!, to say the least. And found myself a little excited, if you will. It was not anything I was expecting to hear and nothing I was expecting to feel. Hell, it could be an act, another lie among many, it could be absolutely horrendous. On the other hand it could be ok, maybe even great. I mean in all the research I did on Trump the one I can tell you for sure is he is far from a conservative. I mean he could possibly accomplish one thing that Obama didn’t (not that he was given a fair shake from jump) and that’s bringing the country together. Hillary sure as hell wasnt going to do it and I think that a lot of supporters, myself included, were so iffy on her that we can still try to “hear out” Trump.

I do, however, still have great concern for marriage equality, Roe v. Wade, and for the LGBT community.

But, as for me, I will be Glass Half Full. I will do my best to try and support our soon to be Commander in Cheif and I will remain cautiously optimistic until proven wrong, if proven wrong. And if I am proven wrong…?


Feeling Every Emotion

Is it possible to feel every emotion at the same time? I’m starting to think/feel it is! What’s got me feeling this way is the state in which I find our country. I think our country is becoming deplorable. Everyone is literally fighting, currently, over politics and the two subpar candidates we have chosen. 

Let’s take a look at it: on the one hand we have a lying, cheating, money hungry, no good for America, piss poor candidate and on the other hand we have almost the mirror image in female form. 

Donald Trump appears to be an undiagnosed narcissist with no experience, a womanizer, a bigot, a xenophobe, and a racist who wants to make America great again by taking our country back to the “good ol’ days” where all his short falls are common place. Referencing the wheel, that makes me feel ANGER>MAD>FURIOUS/ENRAGED, or ANGER>CRITICAL>SARCASTIC. A good word is that is left out is PISSED. I’m pissed off at the fact that anyone would find him a good leader or worthy of running this country. 

Hillary Clinton appears to me to be an uncaring (despite all her seeming caring), over experienced mob boss waiting to take this country to the mattresses (see: Russia). Her campaign slogan, Stronger Together, which is actually true. We as a citizenry are stronger together, but not with her. Which brings me to her other slogan, I’m with her, well I definitely NOT. The idea that the majority of the female population is voting for her because she’s a woman is despicable. It makes me feel SAD>DESPAIR>VULNERABLE/POWERLESS. 

These two candidates as a whole are awful and makes me feel FEAR>ANXIOUS>WORRIED/OVERWHELMED. I feel at this point the only reason either party is voting for their candidate is to stop the other from getting in office and that people is every kind of SAD.

So what’s that leave us with? Jill Stein who’s not going to be on the ballot in all 50 states and Gary Johnson, who will be on the ballot in all 50 states. Surprisingly Johnson has won the hearts of 5% of Bernie followers even though (quoting Bill Maher) he’s a ventriloquist dummie who’s policy positions are almost uniformly the exact opposite of Bernie’s and who when asked to name a foreign country said Brangelina. The majority of his supporters are Libertarians still trying to make their voices heard. Neither of these candidates make me feel anything except maybe STUPID. 

So to sum it all up, politics has made me feel, at least, all of the negative emotions at the same time. Which ultimately leaves me feeling DISGUST>DISAPPROVAL/DISSAPOINTMENT/AWFUL/AVOIDANCE>JUDGEMENTAL/LOATHING/REPUGNANT/REVOLTED/DETESTABLE/HESITANT. The most being HESITANT,hesitant to even cast a vote next month. 

Liberal Asshole

Ever since I really started to follow politics, sometime in high school, I’ve been known as a Liberal Asshole. Now when I say that I don’t mean that I’m hippy, or a tree hugger, or some extremist that takes PCness to a whole other level. It just means that I will argue a liberal point of view to I’m blue in the face, even if I’m talking to someone that couldn’t care less about what I was saying and I absolutely love making fun of Republicans (I do, however, have a lot of Republican friends). I’ve been desribered as an “LibA” by my stepmother and she says my father is the same way. I’ll argue with anyone over anything political and I don’t care what the forum is, if you say something believe that I will tell you about yourself, why you’re wrong, and more than likely that you’re stupid.

I used to think that my father and I may be the only LibA’s in the US. That’s probably because we lived in a very poor neighborhood with a lot of rednecks who think being an uber conservitive, right wing, gun nut is like magic and only they can perform it. Not to mention all the heat I took in school (very conservative Christian) for being liberal. Maybe I was the only one that took the gospel to heart, maybe I’m just a masochist. 

Don’t believe me to be a person to be gratified by pain? After high school the next journey I took in life was joining the military. Trust me, being a liberal in the military is like letting people slam your face into a brick wall and when their done continuing to do it on your own. I got asked a lot what I was doing there. Well, I also believe in fighting for what I stand for and that’s the constitution and the freedom to believe as I wish. I did, however, find some like-minded souls serving with me and they are also the definition of Liberal Asshole. All of us voicing our very left opinions loudly and often. 

So why am I a self professed LibA? Well other than the arguing my point loudly, and at times obscenely, I have a firm belief that if you are considered lower-middle class or poor and you vote Republican than you’re either stupid or not paying attention. 

Most right-wingers in this status class are, in my opinion, single issue voters. They vote republican simply because a candidate claims to believe in God or because they are pro-life. I think this is ridiculous first of all because God gave us all free will and it definitely shouldn’t be up to a man to decide how or what a woman does with her body. I’ve heard right-wingers claim they vote that way because “someone has to pay for welfare.” How ridiculous! I know some people abuse the system and there should be policy put in place to rectify that, but some people actually need the welfare system in place and thank God it is when they need help. Some of those people are republicans!

Some people vote “right” because they’re scared they’re going to lose their second amendment rights! Well, let me be the first to tell you, that notion is insane and here’s why: first, the House of Represenatives would have to come together with Congress (that being quite the feat in its self) and draft an Amendment to the Constitution and they would have to approve it with a two-thirds majority vote. Second, if approved by both Houses of Congress the proposal would be sent to the states for ratification where they would need three-fourths of the state legislators to approve it. Which means all 50 states would have to be in near universal agreement. So every time you hear a politician say something in regards to your gun rights you can rest easy knowing that it can’t happen and that more than likely they’re just trying to drive up gun sales. Don’t believe me? Just look at how much gun and ammo sales went up every time Obama mentioned the words guns, or second amendment, or loopholes, restricting guns, background checks, etc. Well, they went from about 7 million sold in 2002 to around 15 million sold in 2013. Turns out, President Obama is the best gun salesman in the nation.

Consider this as well: I own guns, I believe in a strong military (although some military spending could be cut) because the military industrial complex is one of the things that helps our nation thrive, and to top it all off I’m a Christian, because I believe being Christian and Republican are not mutually exclusive. In fact I believe religion has absolutely no place in politics. I also believe that Jesus was a liberal, and if you read the gospels, a bit of a liberal asshole at times, if I dare say so myself.

Believe me when I tell you this: Most Republicans, especially the ones in office, are rich, white jerks who are only out to make themselves richer and could care less about you and your “poor people problems.” They only pander to you to get your vote, to get their way, and to make you believe that you matter. Republicans are supposed to work for us, but when’s the last time one worked for you?

So call me a liberal asshole, I don’t mind! Maybe I’ll eventually get through to you and help you to see past the crap they feed you on a daily basis. I’d much rather be called that than a Bible thumping, racist redneck to damn stupid to see what’s in front of me. So, I’ll go ahead and leave this here, you take from it what you like and if you want to chat then let’s do so. Remember this though, even if you’re right, you’re wrong. At least in my opinion.